Saturday, 14 November 2015

Je suis Paris, et Londres


It wouldn't be only me to be frightened by the terrible news about the Paris terror attack.
Specially, it reminded me of the London terror attack in 2005.


When the London terror attack was happened, I had been in London for just 2 months.
I was just getting used to live in London.
(Oh yeah, My 10 year anniversary of UK life meant 10 years from London terror attack....)


When the terror attack was happened, I just didn't understand what was happening.
(Londoners around me were quite cheerful, and that helped me a lot.)
Gradually, I understood how terrible things happened.


 Actually, the next day of the terror attack was my first Paris trip.
It was the first time that I travelled abroad alone, also non-English-speaking country.
Before that, I was not sure I can go to Paris or not.
I panicked.


Luckily, Tube and Eurostar was running.
However, I saw the carriage which exploded in the attack on the way to the Eurostar station,
also, as soon as I arrived in Paris, there was a trouble because of a suspicious objects in the Nord Station.
In the end, it was just a lost baggage, but it really frightened me.


But, it was really right decision to go to Paris at that time.
Left London where was still in a panic, my friend who was living in Paris and the beautiful town of Paris really healed me.
I feel very sad that Paris was attacked this time.


Pray for Paris.

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