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Temples & Shrines in Arashiyama @ Kyoto ~ 嵐山・寺社巡り

嵐山といえば世界遺産の天龍寺なんですが…、なぜだか無視してた! (私も行ったことないのに!)

Back to Arashiyama, Kyoto city guide!
The most famous temple is Tenryu-ji temple...
It's one of the world heritages, but somehow, I missed it.
But there are still more interesting temples and shrines in Arashiyama.

Nonomiya Jinja (Shrine) 野宮神社

A cosy shrine in a famous bamboo woods.
The contrast of bamboo and moth's green and gates' vermilion is beautiful.
Originally it used to be a holy spot for the purification of princesses who had to go to Ise Shrine (the top of the Shinto shrine)
(The shrine holds the festival parade which I wrote in this post.)
Nowadays it is dedicated the gods of baby, studying, and of course, love.
People come here and pray when they want to have babies, when they want to pass exams, and when they want to have love partners.
I often see girls praying there!
By the way, I bought a amulet of the god of baby here for my friend who wanted to have a baby.  She got one next year I bought it!


Jojakko-ji (temple) 常寂光寺

The temple is on the slope of a mountain.
It's a famous spot of autumn leaves, and that beautiful view with autumn leaves made the name of the temple.
(Jojakkodo means the land of eternally tranquil light where Buddha is.)
Even you come here in other seasons, it's still beautiful, quiet peaceful place,


Adashino Nenbutsu-ji (temple) 化野念仏寺

The temple was built in the 9th century.
Back then, the area was a place for aerial sepulture - the exposure of dead bodies to the wind and rain.
A high priest came and gathered the bodies, and built this temple dedicated to the spirits of the dead.
In 1903, people gathered thousands of statues of Buddha, which were neglected tombs scattered around the area, to memorialize the souls of the dead.
The view with thousands statues is absolutely solemn to reconfirm the preciousness of life.
(It's forbidden to take photos inside of the area of statues.  Those photos are from the outside of the area since I heard that it was ok from the outside.)


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