Sunday, 8 February 2015

musical* Anything Goes @ Wimbledon

ミュージカル・エニシング・ゴーズを見てきました! (30, Jan, 2015)

We went to see the musical "Anything Goes"!  (30, Jan, 2015)

Anything Goes=何でもありという意味の通り、昔風に言うと「ハチャメチャラブコメディ」って感じ。
30年代な雰囲気がたまりません! 衣装もマリンルック+マリンカラーでかわいい。





Like the title "Anything Goes", the story of the musical is a slapstick comedy with Cole Poter's beautiful music.
Love the 1930's vintage marine look costumes!
The musical was restaged in 2011 in Broadway with Satton Foster.
I watched the number of Anything Goes of this version in Tony Awards, and I loved it.
I was expecting that they might be that version.  (but it was not.)
However, it was very funny musical with lots of dancing.
We enjoyed it a lot.
I hope they are coming back to West End!
By the way, we got the Time Out offer and we got tickets for half price.
The seats were so good!

↓大好きなサットン・フォスター版。My favourite Satton Foster version.

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Anything Goes

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