Saturday, 10 January 2015

antique* L'Objet qui Parle @ Paris

Noel in Paris  パリのクリスマス Dec 2014 Vol.4

This is my favourite shop which I always go when I come to Paris.


 It's a tiny tiny antique shop in Montmartre.
I think that everybody who loves Paris and antique knows this shop.
A little shop is full of lovely selections.
Usually, antique shops in Paris are quite expensive, so I don't really buy in shops.
But I can't ignore this shop, I must check it every time I go to Paris.
The shop's name means "The object which speaks".  As it is, all items in the shop seemed to have beautiful stories behind them.
When I came to Paris for my first time, I bought a small cafe au lait bowl.
I really loved it but I broke it......
I went to this shop and I was thinking that I would buy something if I really really like.
Unfortunately I didn't find something I fell in love with, but all of items in the shop was amazing.
I will come here again when I go to Paris next time.


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L'Objet qui Parle

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