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Galata ~ Istiklal Caddesi **Istanbul City Guide 8**

Istanbul ~the bridge between East and West ~ ヒガシとニシをつなぐ街、イスタンブール   Oct 2014 Vol.8

Now this city guide crosses the bridge and see the New Town.
This time is Galata area, which is near Galata Bridge, and Istiklal Avenue which leads to Taksim Square.


Galata area which is near Galata Bridge, used to be the area where a lot of foreigners lived.
So it looked like a European Old city.
The Galata Tower, which has a cute tricorn head is the symbol of the area,
There are lots of allies throughout the western buildings on the steep hill.
It is like a maze and you can find some interesting independent shops and cafes.
If you want to find nice shops, you must go off the main street.


 Galata Bridge (Galata Koprusu)   ガラタ橋

Galata Bridge connects busy Eminonu and the shopping area, Karakoy.
There is a tram running on the bridge, but I recommend to walk on the bridge.
You can see lots of local people fishing on the bridge, and also great view of both sides of Istanbul.
You can see Galata Tower from Eminonu, and Mosques of Old Town from Karakoy.
Great spot for photos.


Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)    ガラタ塔

This tower was built in the 14th century but there used to be a lighthouse since the 6th century.
Now it is a great view spot and also has a restaurant.
If you want see the whole town of Istanbul, you should go there.

この塔は14世紀に建てられたものだけれど、 もともとは6世紀ごろから灯台があったらしい。

Istiklal Avenue (Istiklal Caddesi)    イスティクラール通り

The main street of shopping for local, it is like Oxford Street in London.
It connects Galata and Taksim Square, and you can see all kinds of high street shops.
We went there in the first day of Eid.
Although the half of shops were closed, but there were still lots of people walking.
Those photos are from the 4th day of Eid, and people increased even more!
I was not interested in those shops in this street, however, I love the retro tram and my target was the antique area which is off Istiklal Avenue.  (I will write about it next time)


French Ally (Fransiz Sokagi)   仏蘭西小路

It is a small ally (stairs?) off Istiklal Avenue.
There were so many cute cafes on the stairs, this is French Ally..
It totally looks like Paris....??? Anyway, it is colourful and cute.


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