Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cafe* Tsubame ~つばめ @ Kyoto

 Today, I am writing about a small cafe called "Tsubame" ( Tsubame means swallow in Japanese),
just around the corner from the book shop "Keibun-sha" which wrote before.
(Photos are from 2011)


It's small, but cosy and comfortable cafe.
You feel like that you are in your good friend house.
....However, if you go there right in the lunch time, it's very, very busy.


This is "Coffee and set meal" cafe.
Their lunch set menu is so homey that you feel like that you are eating at home.
(I mean, you feel like that you are in Japanese people's home)
And perfect balanced menu.  (I think.)
I haven't tried their coffee yet.  Next time.


There were cute Tsubame (swallow) items in a corner.
I regretted I didn't buy them....
I will definitely buy them when I go back to Japan next time if they still have.


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*kyoto memo*

Where to Eat

Tsubame   つばめ

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