Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cafe* Winkel 43 @ Amsterdam

I Amsterdam!   冬と春の境目のアムステルダム March 2014  Part.3


There is a cafe in front of Noodermarkt, and it is always full of people!

グリーンのストライプのひさしが目印の、Winkel 43。




Winkel 43. The green striped eaves is the sign of the cafe.
It was always full when the market was opened.
If the weather is warm, you can sit outside, but it was so cold and wet.
The inside was so full that we couldn't get in there this time.
But I will show you the photos from 2008.


でもマーケットに来る人みんなが来てるんじゃない!? と思うくらいの人気の秘密は…

There are not many seats inside.  It would be about 10 tables.
But this cafe is always popular and full of people.
The reason why it is so popular is......







Their apple tart.
It is a very popular dessert in Netherland.
It's not like French tart, it is quite volumey and lots of apples in it, and served with a plenty of cream.
You can find it any cafes in Amsterdam.
In this cafe, everyone order this apple tart, so there were many apple tarts in the counter.
I only saw the apple tart in this cafe so that I thought it was the only menu in this cafe...
But I checked their website, they have proper food menu too.
If you go to Noordermarkt market, try their apple tart.

↓ ここでもう一度アップルタルト、食べたかった! Click here for the rankings!
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*tabi memo*

Where to Eat

Winkel 43

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