Monday, 10 February 2014


ケーキショップ"ルイス”のバレンタインケーキ。Valentine cakes from Louis' cake shop. 

ハムステッドアンティークエンポーリウムのかわいいヴィンテージショップ。Cute vintage shop from Hampstead Craft & Antique emporium.

ハムステッド・アンティークエンポリウムのおしゃれな陶器屋さん。Hampstead craft & antique emorium.

ハムステッドにある人気クレープショップ。寒くても長蛇の列。Popular crepe shop  "Le Creperie de Hampstead"


Last Saturday, we went to Hampstead.
Recently, when we don't have particular plans on weekend, we try a new cafe.
We leave home around midday, and go to a cafe, and go home.
I always think I am so lucky to have the partner who has same taste as mine.....
(He doesn't watch or play football, he doesn't drink at pub everyday..... )
I would love to walk around town or go for a walk in a park, but too cold......
I hope that spring is coming soon.....

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